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to solve health problems

We are living in the era of the integration of the most sophisticated technologies, with the least possible investment. The key is knowing how to assemble the correct pieces to optimize the system or solve a problem.

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Non-profit organization in Brazil, which rehabilitates low-income patients who have had their image affected by cancer, accidents or other conditions. Soon in Peru.

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As important as the leading specialists in charge, is the link we create with each of the patients who trust our hands and experience.

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The best way to motivate us to transform our realities is from real stories.

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Dr. Rodrigo Salazar Gamarra is a Health & Technology Innovation Consultant for the Prime Minister’s Office Digital Governmental Secretariat in Perú and was awarded by the MIT Technology Review as a Humanitarian Innovator 2018 for Latin America for his actions as director and researcher of the “Plus Identity Institute (+ID)" in Sao Paulo – Brazil, which is a nonprofit organization that rehabilitates people with limited resources who have aftermath from cancer on their faces.  He is the president of the Peruvian Chapter of +ID “Más Identidad Perú”.

Ph.D.(c) and MSc. from the Paulista University (UNIP). Is an associated researcher from the Centro Tecnologico da Informação Renato Archer (CTI), which is a public instance from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Brazil. Advisor in technological innovation and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation for the OREMA Foundation in Santiago de Chile, which is allied to the National Cancer Institute of Chile. He serves as President of the International Association of Anaplastology (IAA) 2020-2021 and as Vice President of the Latin American Society of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation 2018-2020. He coordinates the Digital Planning elective course in the “Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas” and has a Specialized Clinical Practice in Lima.


Countries applying methodologies developed by our team


Reduction of clinical work time for 3D prostheses


International conferences on technological innovation in health
in 4 continents


Intervention projects in rural and marginal urban areas


Returning the quality of life to a single person to an entire system requires the design of a project based on evidence and empathy for our neighbors.

Everything that can optimize bottlenecks or reduce excessive public spending, is not only important, but necessary. Advanced, but accessible 3D technologies, allow us this.

TEDxTukuy Presentation - 2018

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Dr. Rodrigo is undoubtedly one of the most competent professionals I've met in my life. As an enthusiast of applied technology to improve people's lives, he deserves great recognition for his intelligence, competence and commitment that he uses with charisma to solve problems ...
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... that afflict human dignity, mainly caused by mutilations as a result of cancer. I have a lot of experience in the area of innovation, I participate in a select group of researchers and I can say with certainty that Dr. Rodrigo has and will have great prominence for what our society presents.

Aleksandro Montanha
Intel IOT Advisor. Seebot Intelligent CEO. Tecnoimagens CEO. ALLK (All Knowledge Corp.) CEO. IOT project outsourcing company.

I give my complete and unconditional recommendation of the consulting and conference services of Rodrigo Salazar. Rodrigo is extremely well connected, has extensive experience and knowledge in a wide range of health science areas and his assistance can be vital ...
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... to optimize projects and programs related to technological innovation and medical care. Rodrigo is also an internationally recognized communicator, is involved in several shocking educational projects and is sought as a speaker in academic and business circles.

Roberto D. Fanganiello
Strategic and scientific consultant, and provides services for InnovaSpace, KLH Growth Strategies, R-Crio Stem Cells, Golden Hawk Consulting and Star Associates.


We deeply appreciate all the media that have committed to the dissemination of our work.

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