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The “Plus Identity” Methodology at Discovery Channel

Facial prosthetics exist to mitigate the aftermath of cancer, accidents and congenital alterations that appeared on the face of a patient and didn't have a surgical solution to restore abilities and/or appearance.

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Evidence that justifies action.

Monoscopic photogrammetry to obtain 3D models by a mobile device: a method for making facial prostheses.

Authors: Rodrigo Salazar-Gamarra, Rosemary Seelaus, Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva, Airton Moreira da Silva, and Luciano Lauria Dib
Language: English

Aesthetics in Maxilofacial Rehabilitation.

Author: Rodrigo Salazar-Gamarra
Language: English| Portuguese

Quality of Life Assessment of Patients Utilizing Orbital Implant-supported Prostheses.

Author: Oliveira FM, Salazar-Gamarra R, Öhman D, Nannmark U, Pecorari V, Dib LL1
Language: English

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